Rally for North Africa, Wikileaks, Bradley Manning – April, NYC

Barrett Brown |
Press Release For Immediate Distribution January 13th, 2011 An unprecedented coalition of information activists and organizations have come together in an effort to advance the... ...read more

Anonymous launches new effort, clarifies own nature

Barrett Brown |
I have just received the following press release in which a contingent of Anonymous spells out its general aims and practices while also announcing another effort, Project Truth... ...read more

The aims of Anonymous

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WikiLeaks may be a small player, really, in the bigger scheme of things. But to some degree it is also a bellwether, a forecast of things to come as information and technology c... ...read more

Palin Biographer Accuses Me of Planning Violent Political Attack

Barrett Brown |
So, I wake up this morning all hung over and whatnot and thus decide to spend the day doing nothing, and then I see that there’s a trackback thingy on my most recent blog ... ...read more

Debate on atheism, Christianity, and the state

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As per the protocols agreed upon yesterday evening between myself and First Things editor Joe Carter, our respective persons will be engaging in a contest of rhetoric (hereafter... ...read more

Project PM Science Journalism Project Launches Today

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Scientists and media critics tend to agree that there has been a noticeable decline in the quality and accuracy of science journalism over the last decade or two. Although the c... ...read more

Investigative Journalism Declares Its Independence

Barrett Brown |
A few days ago I was contacted by Adam Chadwick, a former copyeditor for the New York Times who’s currently filming a feature-length documentary on “the decline of t... ...read more

Atheist Congressional Candidate Takes on Theocratic Incumbent

Barrett Brown |
Last year, President Obama travelled to Turkey in order to restate America’s case to the Muslim world, taking care to emphasize that the United States is “not a Christian nation... ...read more

Rick Sanchez and the Media/Establishment Victimization Complex

Barrett Brown |
Rick Sanchez is Out at CNN It is a fine thing to see Rick Sanchez stripped of his CNN program and otherwise thrown out of the community of “respectable” pundits; it... ...read more

Why, Exactly, Does Anyone Listen to Charles Krauthammer?

Barrett Brown |
Washington Post columnist and Pulitzer prize winner Charles Krauthammer has a new column out today in which he provides readers with his presumably expert take on the matter of ... ...read more

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