Record Your Stories Anywhere With Broadcastr

Anya Yurchyshyn |
Andy Hunter and Scott Lindenbaum, the guys behind Electric Literature, a site well-loved by this site, are launching an app, Broadcastr, that will allow users to record stories ... more

Kirsten Dunst Stars in Adaptation of Murakami’s “The Second Bakery Attack”

Anya Yurchyshyn |
Mexican writer/director Carlos Cuarón (Y tu mamá también, Rudo Y Cursi) has adapted Haruki Murakami’s “The Second Bakery Attack” into a short film starring Bri... more

Mid-list Authors Find Homes At Indie Presses After Being Shut Out From “The Big Six”

Anya Yurchyshyn |
As major commercial publishing houses (the “big six”) continue to ditch their midlist writers, some of these writers, many of whom have sold a lot of books and have mainstream(i... more

Patti Smith Wins National Book Award For “Just Kids”

Anya Yurchyshyn |
Awesome. You can watch most of the ceremony, including Smith’s tearful and poetic acceptance speech, here. more

Tavi And Jane Pratt Are Launching A Magazine For “Wallflowerly Teenage Girls”

Anya Yurchyshyn |
Style Rookie Tavi Gevinson, the thirteen-year-old actual style expert who goes to fashion shows and wear designer clothes and has a cool blog and is funny and seems normal—but i... more

How to Make People Who Can’t Read Advertise Your Literary Tastes

Anya Yurchyshyn |
So apparently the holiday season is here (<a href="So apparently the holiday season is here (come on), which means it’s time to start spending your hard-earned unemploy... more

And This Is Why Digital Books Are Good

Anya Yurchyshyn |
Michael Connelly’s latest book, The Reversal, comes out Tuesday, and in addition to regular paper ($27) and digital editions ($14.99), publisher Little, Brown is offering ... more

Lit Mags May Be Small, But They’re Not Boring – The Virginia Quarterly Review Expose

Anya Yurchyshyn |
Emily Bazelon writes about cyberbulling (among other things) for Slate, and her pieces generally cover obvious and important events such as Phoebe Prince’s suicide and its... more

Scribner and Chuck Klosterman Experiment With E-books and E-essays

Anya Yurchyshyn |
Fans of Chuck Klosterman have something to be excited about – Scribner has started selling Klosterman’s essays, including ones that have not been anthologized, for t... more

Jane Yolen Just Published Her 300th Book. 300th. Really.

Anya Yurchyshyn |
And she has “about thirty completed books and proposals out at publishing houses right now.” She expects “to finish another one or two by the end of September... more

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