Protofascist Movements

Dear David Brooks, Glenn Beck is NOT the New Abbie Hoffman. Trust Us…

There is a fresh interpretive fad in the young field of Tea Party Studies: The New Right of 2010 as the New Left of the 1960s. According to this nascent meme, today’s cons... more

Livers and Laughing Stocks: American Neo-Nazis in August

August was a cruel month for America’s neo-Nazis. We begin with the arm-banded anti-Semites of the National Socialist Movement. If you aren’t familiar with the NSM,... more

Germany’s Long Hot Neo-Nazi Summer Continues

Back in May, Germany’s domestic intelligence service issued a report that echoed a previous warning by America’s Department of Homeland Security. The allied agencies shared a c... more

Case Against David Duke Stalls in Prague

America’s leading white power extremists keep getting arrested in the strangest places. But some of them are wiggling off the hook. Earlier this month, 33-year-old KKK activist ... more

Why Hungary’s Fascist Party Came to Power

To the extent that anyone noticed gains made by extremist parties in last month’s European Parliament elections, focus fell on the electoral surge by Italy’s anti-immigrant No... more

Tea Time for Hitler

Back in April, America saw the birth of a new conservative protest movement. Although officially non-partisan, the anti-tax, anti-Obama Tea Parties — organized and advertised by... more

Italy’s Real Scandal

When Silvio Berlusconi’s wife announced in May that she was divorcing the Italian Prime Minister after his curious appearance at a teenage model’s birthday bash, the internation... more

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