Cooking With Gwyneth

As half the universe and tribal folk in the desert have heard by now, actress/healthy living guru Gwyneth Paltrow has written a cook book.

And while its release last week had critics everywhere laying into poor Gwyn, calling her a “wannabe,” “copy-cat,” and even an “anorexic chef,” her book, My Father’s Daughter: Delicious, Easy Recipes, is actually quite good. So stop the hating, haters.

Of course I went out and purchased this cookbook the day it hit Barnes & Noble, making it one of two cookbooks I own. I mostly bought it to read the forward, where Gwyneth talks about her own current diet, her dabblings in the macrobiotic sphere, her belief that food can be used to cure disease and illness, and a little section on “Why I Don’t Eat Red Meat.”

The recipes themselves don’t particularly interest me—which isn’t to say they aren’t good. While I love to cook, and do so often, I’m not inclined to follow recipes and spend the time it takes to make many of the dishes in this book. But, for a devoted kitchen-dweller, or those looking to spice up their usual repertoire come family meal time, My Father’s Daughter is a pretty useful resource.

There are recipes for pancakes and muffins, pasta sauce, fish dishes, sandwiches, salads, desserts and more. And despite Gwyneth’s glamorous aura, her recipes are mostly traditional comfort foods geared toward families and busy individuals with kids.

Best of all, Gwyneth and her book are all about whole, unprocessed REAL food, and advocates supporting local farmers and going organic when possible.

Really, there’s not much to hate about this cook book. It’s filled with recipes for good, mostly healthy food that real people can make. What more could the average person want?

Carter Cramer is a health, wellness & lifestyle writer based in New York City. He covers a wide variety of fitness, nutrition and health-related news, with a special interest in celebrity fitness more


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