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Congressional Republicans Warned to Seek Medical Attention if IRS Scandal Erection Lasts More Than Four Hours

Buzz Feldman Buzz Feldman |
According to reports, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has remained “fully erect” through the duration of the IRS scandal. The American Heart Association put o... more

Palin Sells Old Quotes For Brands to Use In Ads

Maddie Gaw Maddie Gaw |
Desperate for cash, Former Governor Sarah Palin has decided to sell all her old quotes to brands. Palin announced that, for a small fee, brands can “use my quotes however ... more

Allies of Alzheimer’s “Deeply Upset” Thatcher Forgot Them in Her Will

Hannah Sloane |
While some are mourning the loss of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, others are grieving the loss to their balance sheet. One charity in particular has been le... more

Looking Ahead to the Second Debate

Elvin Lim |
Paul Ryan did a good job at the vice-presidential debate; but Joe Biden did a little better. Biden came off condescending in the initial part of the debate with his laughter, bu... more

Obama Out of Practice for First Debate

Elvin Lim |
President Obama had a bad night. The key to succeeding in a presidential debate is recognizing that it is not a parliamentary debate. The rules, the moderator, and even the imme... more

Could Romney Bring Peace to the Middle East?

Steve Clemons |
Reuters/Lucas Jackson After President Obama’s moving UN General Assembly speech that started with a story of who US Ambassador Christopher Stevens had been in terms o... more

Obama is Surging

Elvin Lim |
The Obama campaign, by fortune or by wit, has peaked at the right moment. Early voting has already started in Virginia, and starts in Iowa and Ohio next week. This means that th... more

What Mitt Romney and Cindy Sanders Share in Common

Erik Oster |
What struck me most about the simple-minded and reprehensible statements Mitt Romney made at a May 17th fundraiser, first reported by Mother Jones, about the 47% of Am... more

The September Surprise

Elvin Lim |
Mitt Romney definitely did not count on foreign policy becoming a major issue two weeks after he chose budget hawk Paul Ryan to be his running mate, making his the weakest ticke... more

Paul Ryan’s Silver Lining

Steve Clemons |
By selecting Paul Ryan as his VP, Romney made this election a real choice. Reuters Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan has accomplished something quite important. At bo... more

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