Political Humor

Ten Deep Thoughts on the All-Male Panel on my Vagina

Katie Halper |
House Oversight Committee Chairman, master car thief and general criminal Darrell Issa held a hearing today on the Obama administration’s new regulation requiring employers and ... ...read more

Mitt Romney Debates Martin Luther King

Katie Halper |
The GOP loves to claim Dr. Marting Luther King as one of their own. But they couldn’t be more antithetical to King’s values and positions, as this debate between Rom... ...read more

The Top 10 Greatest Moments of the Iowa GOP Debate

Katie Halper |
Michele Bachmann reveals her mother was a very resourceful lesbian who found a girlfriend right after her divorce: “My folks got divorced and my mom found herself a single mo... ...read more

Have a Happy Thanksgiving with Jesus and the GOP! A Music Video Viewing Guide For the Whole Family

Katie Halper |
Nothing says fun and festive like the Heritage Foundation, which sponsored Tuesday night’s CNN GOP Obama-bash fest. But despite all the good feeling flowing about bombing ... ...read more

The Rebirth of Birtherism! Perry & Trump’s Unracist Thinking

Katie Halper |
It’s not easy to speak truth to power or long-form birth certificates. But Rick Perry is up for the challenge. Last week, when he was asked if he believed the president... ...read more

Top 10 Best Moments From the GOP Debate

Katie Halper |
1. Newt Gingrich proclaims: “I’m a hawk. But I’m a cheap hawk.” Just like I like my men: aggressive and ungenerous. I’m actually surprised he hasn’t had MORE wives. 2. Michele B... ...read more

Rick Perry Kills an Innocent Man & Covers it up! Stop the Execution of another Innocent Man!

Katie Halper |
Rick Perry’s record number of executions drew applause at last week’s GOP debate. Among the 234– whoops, make that 235 as of today, it’s hard to keep up... ...read more

Joe Walsh: Quite Lying

Katie Halper |
Congressman Joe Walsh told Obama to “quit lying.” Here, Walsh’s ex-wife tells Joe to “quit lying” about the child support he owes her. Walsh accuse... ...read more

Left gets its Panties in a Bunch over some Wholesome American Tar Baby Fun!

Katie Halper |
Talking on the radio on Friday, GOP Colorado Rep. Doug Lamborn said the following about Obama. “Now, I don’t even want to be associated with him, it’s like tou... ...read more

Top 10 Ways to Take our Country Back from Foreign Words!

Katie Halper |
The war on terror must be fought on every single front. The latest assault on our freedoms and values came in the form of meteorological nomenclature with Jihadi agents disguise... ...read more

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