Performance Art v. Science: Starting Infants On Solids

Jack Maypole |
Two truths follow. Food is love. People love feeding babies. Usually at an infant’s four month visit, I’ll get a question parents have been thinking about for some ... more

A Cold In Your Node? When Kids’ Glands Get Swollen.

Jack Maypole |
Something afoot in the head or neck “His glands are swollen,” said a mom recently in clinic. Warily she measured my reaction and added, “Will you look at them... more

Better Than Pee: New Recommendations For The Dreaded Jellyfish Sting

Jack Maypole |
the sea nettle For those beachgoers among you who don’t already know, jellyfish stings are bummers. From the days of my sunsplashed summers on the Georgia coast, I can r... more

Drooling: Always Gooey, But When Is It Abnormal In Kids?

Jack Maypole |
At some point, all of us drool–especially when we are babies. It isn’t hard to miss, this unintentional waterfalling of saliva out the front of our mouths, and most ... more

Kiddie Migraines: A Headache in Your Stomach?

Jack Maypole |
Migraineur. Sounds like a job for a senior specialist in some artisanal craft, doesn’t it? Such a misleadingly pleasant sounding word. However, ‘migraineur’  ... more

The Lowdown On Hiccups

Jack Maypole |
Don’t let those hiccups get you down! Hiccups are like divine comedy, aren’t they? In seconds, a paroxysmal hurk can render a child most serene, or an adult ... more

Spy A Stye In A Little Eye? Here’s Why.

Jack Maypole |
Styes are like pimples on your eyelid, right? We should squeeze those bumps there, and get out the stuff inside, and that’ll help them get better, won’t it? If a sty... more

Good News! A Better Way to Treat the Dreaded Penis-In-Zipper

Jack Maypole |
Pity the boy who has one of the more tragic types of wardrobe malfunction. Usually  it goes down, so to speak, like this:  a prepubertal boy, perhaps going commando (sans under... more

Pica: When Kids Eat (and Eat!) Non-Foods

Jack Maypole |
Would you like a brush with that? Infants and toddlers are like wobbly ninjas, focused maniacally on tasting and mouthing items from coins to blocks to the odd flotsam and jets... more

Odd But True: Headbanging in Kids

Jack Maypole |
Positive Bullwinkle sign, is what we called it. When our oldest was an infant, he would take his hand, with fingers and thumb in full extension, and would frequently bonk the ri... more

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