Parenting Update

Moms for Marijuana?

Molly Langmuir |
Every Mothers Day, millions of American women receive cards from their children. In 2005, more than 150 million Mothers Day cards were sent to the 82.5 million American women w... more

Does Calling American Kids Too Fat to Fight Help or Hurt Them?

Molly Langmuir |
As would be abundantly clear to anyone who’s been reading the news for the past decade, we have a problem with obesity in this country. A problem so serious, in fact, tha... more

And the Worst Toy of the Year Award Goes To . . .

Molly Langmuir |
According to the journal Pediatrics, the average young American is exposed to over 3,000 advertisements a day. This is a lot! It is so many it is almost hard to fathom. I can h... more

Something Else to Worry About: Expert Claims “Cry-it-out Sleep Training” Can Cause Brain Damage

Molly Langmuir |
Parenting expert Penelope Leach has a new book, and it’s already making waves for its claim that so-called “cry-it-out sleep training” can cause brain damage.... more

That 1 Percent of Adoptions that Don’t Work Out—A Russian Adoption Gone Wrong

Molly Langmuir |
There are many disturbing things about the widely reported story of the Tennessee woman who adopted a boy from Russia only to send him back seven months later. Among them, that... more

The Mediocre Mothers of France

Molly Langmuir |
  Those French people, they’re so accepting of certain things—extra-marital affairs, high taxes, universal health care. Also, a child-rearing philosophy that involves smo... more

Melissa Rivers, Xanax, and the Tale of the Terrifying Public Temper Tantrum

Molly Langmuir |
A few days ago I was at a Barnes & Noble when I heard the telltale sounds of a tantrum-in-the-making. The child’s words were somewhat unintelligible, but his guardian... more

Not Talking About Race Is Not the Same As Not Being Racist

Molly Langmuir |
In 2006, a researcher in Austin recruited a few hundred white families with children between 5 and 7 to do a study about race. She gave the kids a survey then divided the famil... more

Does Giving Your Baby an Unusual Name Mean You’re a Narcissist?

Molly Langmuir |
For girls, Autumn was the 89th most popular, Genesis was 95th, and Brooklyn was 47th (Brooklynn was 182nd). For boys, Caden was 95th, Josue was 182nd, and Nehemiah was 364th. A... more

How DNA Tests Change Things (Maybe for the Worse)

Molly Langmuir |
Take this scenario: a decade ago you signed up as an anonymous sperm donor. You gave the sperm bank some basic information about you but not much more than that. Years go by. Y... more

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