“Fat White Booty Sex” and Other Google Searches That Brought People to The Faster Times

The following is a list of terms (keywords) that people searched on Google. The number before the keyword indicates the number of times that keyword brought someone to The Faster Times.

208 “sex without a condom”
190 “ashley green naked”
144 “herpes”
137 “eye patch underwear”
94 “drinking alone”
83 “350″
79 “hymen”
72 “china india”
67 “yearbook superlatives”
46 “playboy vampire”
38 “hermit crabs”
24 “what did serena williams say”
22 “dad of the year”
20 “the taster times”
14 “what andre the giant teaches us”
13 “save the boobs”
2 “chekhov’s john deere riding mower”
2 “cholesterol is good for you”
2 “chocolate whiff”
2 “chuck norris fantasy football name”
2 “co-parenting with a jerk”
2 “dancing with the devil”
2 “dogs +iran”
2 “drunk”
2 “ecogeek flying”
2 “eyeliner gay”
2 “cost of raising a child in canada”
2 “famous and obesity”
2 “fat white booty sex”
2 “find sex in saida lebanon”
2 “jesus’ foreskin”
2 “jorge”
2 “kanye wet”
2 “knocked sex”
2 “labor? i hardly even know her!”
2 “lies we tell ourselves about our lovers”
2 “meaning of truck art”
2 “jelly doughnut sex position”
2 “megan fox hot but crazy”
2 “megan fox a man”
2 “mr socko”
2 “online dating sucks”
2 “other sex”
2 “passion pit”
2 “them crooked monsters”
2 “this is the least mountainous country of southern europe”
1 “as soon as the ship was secured i went on shore with mr. banks and the other gentleman”
1 “beach plum”
1 “cookbooks and serial commas”
1 “cooking as time travel”
1 “dystopias are the new vampires”
1 “for mother russia”
1 “he’s not a rhodes scholar to begin with”
1 “i aint necessarily a communist, but i’ve been in the red all my life”
1 “just the tip sex-iceberg”
1 “lateral coital position video”
1 “me underwater”
1 “new world order”
1 “pains of being pure at heart”

Veronica Mittnacht is a lifelong New Yorker. She has written for ilikemystyle.net, Soap Opera Digest, Flavorpill.com, and Human Rights First, and attended the University of Iowa Young Writers Worksho ...read more


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