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Special Event: Drink with New York’s Top Literary Editors and Writers

The Faster Times Invites You to … Drink with the Lit World’s Best Editors and Writers Who Will Be There (In addition to the editors and writers of TFT…..)... ...read more

Best of Reader Google Searches for January

We here at TFT just took a poll: Would you rather have everyone see the things you’ve done in front of the mirror privately or all your Google searches? The consensus was ... ...read more

Mac Montandon’s Book on Jetpacks Hits the Market in Time for Christmas

The Faster Times’ own Jetpacks correspondent Mac Montandon is celebrating the launch of his first book, whose full title is “Jetpack Dreams: One Man’s Up and ... ...read more

Best of Reader Google Searches for October

143 “baby einstein” 86 “Italian curses” 73 “shakira ass” 66 “what is h1n1 vaccine made of” 45 “going rougue” 40 ̶... ...read more

The Faster Times Takes LA: West Coast Launch Party Redux

Adam Baer Adam Baer |
We may cover Brooklyn, Beltway Gossip, China, and Lebanon, among other locales. But wouldn’t you know it, TFT has something of a Los Angeles brethren, and our favorite Lef... ...read more

Become a Member of TFT Today and We’ll Provide an Answer Your Great Philosophical Dilemma–Really

The truth about The Faster Times is that it’s exactly what it looks like; we’re a collective of journalists, writers, and like-minded people who have come together to try... ...read more

“Fat White Booty Sex” and Other Google Searches That Brought People to The Faster Times

The following is a list of terms (keywords) that people searched on Google. The number before the keyword indicates the number of times that keyword brought someone to The Fast... ...read more

Best of Reader Comments, Week of September 3

From here forward, Best of Reader Comments will be alternating with Best of Reader Google Searches on an approximately weekly schedule. Or something like that. I don’t k... ...read more

Best of Reader Comments, Week of August 25th

RE: One-Hit Wonders: A Philosophical Exploration Joslyn says: You are correct that no one will like this column other than you – I can’t imagine that anyone else wil... ...read more

Best of Reader Google Searches, Week of August 20th

This week I thought I’d change things up and take advantage of our fancy technology to offer you the voyeuristic pleasure of seeing some of the Google keywords (i.e., sear... ...read more

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