Nutrition And Wellness

NYC Presses Food Suppliers to Reduce Salt

Jennifer Teems |
The Bloomberg administration is continuing to offer up ground breaking wellness initiatives by announcing a push to reduce the salt in foods by 25 percent in the next five years... more

Wearable Camera Lets Your Dietitian Spy On You

Jennifer Teems |
A small, wearable video camera is in development to monitor exactly what and how much you are eating (presented in this month’s issue of the Journal of the American Dietet... more

‘Biggest Losers’ Admit to Having Used Dangerous Weight Loss Methods

Jennifer Teems |
Contestants on “The Biggest Loser” have admitted to having implemented fad diets or dangerous methods of rapid weight loss to win the $250,000 offered by the show. ... more

Hunger and Food Insecurity in America

Jennifer Teems |
Food Security is defined as “having access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life” by the World Health Organization. The main difference ... more

Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverages Questioned by FDA

Jennifer Teems |
The FDA announced on Friday that they are giving nearly 30 manufacturers of caffeinated alcoholic beverages 30 days to prove the safety of their products. Per the FDA’s pres... more

Florida Doc Angers Dunkin’ Donuts With Doughnut-Bashing Sign, Loses Job

Jennifer Teems |
Dr. Jason Newsom, of Bay County, Florida, did not spare the fast food industry’s feelings as he tried to wage a local war on overeating and obesity. In his position as t... more

Link Between High Cholesterol at Midlife and Dementia Later in Life

Jennifer Teems |
Do you have high cholesterol? Are you middle aged? If you answered yes, you may be at increased risk of developing dementia later in life, according to a new study in Dementi... more

Before You Resort to Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs… Try Making a Few Changes in Your Life

Jennifer Teems |
High cholesterol can contribute to atherosclerotic build-up in the blood vessels, which can lead to a heart attack or a stroke. The first line of defense against high choles... more

Dear Media: No More Irresponsible Obesity Headlines, Please. Love, Jennifer

Jennifer Teems |
“Is it true I have a higher chance of dying if I lose weight?” my patient asked me. Why would she ask such a question? Does she really think it’s healthier to be over... more

Fish on the Brain: Reduced Incidence of Dementia Seen in Fish Eaters

Jennifer Teems |
A large multi-site global study recently found that eating fish was associated with a reduced risk of developing dementia. The more frequent fish eaters (those that ate fish d... more

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