Evidence of an Era: An Interview with David Plowden

Eryn Loeb |
The very first photograph David Plowden ever took was of a steam engine, when he was just eleven years old. From there, the engines became a lifelong passion, and a recurring th... more

Your Kitchen is a Time Machine: An Interview with Amanda Hesser

Eryn Loeb |
As part of the extensive research for her latest book—“The Essential New York Times Cookbook,” out this week—Amanda Hesser spent six years cooking and testing more than 1,400 re... more

Talking Shop With “Home Economics” Author Jennifer McKnight Trontz

Eryn Loeb |
For Jennifer McKnight Trontz, the past is the gift that keeps on giving. The author of nearly a dozen books that could sit comfortably among the retro novelty titles at Urban Ou... more

Do You Remember Your First Kiss? (Of Course You Do.)

Eryn Loeb |
I’m tempted to say that early summer is prime nostalgia season, but I could (and probably would, or maybe even will…) make that argument for every season when I’m in the middle ... more

Requiem for a Bodega

Eryn Loeb |
My favorite neighborhood bodega burned down this week (well, not literally to the ground, but the place is totaled). I was puttering around in the morning and drinking coffee wh... more

“American Idiot” Gave Me a Nostalgia Headache

Eryn Loeb |
When I was in middle school, Green Day improved an otherwise boring class trip when our teacher let someone play their cassette of “Dookie” on the bus ride. Later, I would come... more

The (Hot Tub) Time (Machine) of Our Lives

Eryn Loeb |
Reviews of “Hot Tub Time Machine” have been mixed, but those who love it really love it. The NY Times’s A.O. Scott went so far as to make the movie a “Critics’ Pick,” writ... more

“Where Does That Word Come From?”: Ralph Keyes Talks Retro

Eryn Loeb |
Ralph Keyes is the author of fifteen books, but in some ways his most recent one—“I Love It When You Talk Retro: Hoochie Coochie, Double Whammy, Drop a Dime, and the Forgotten O... more

The Disturbing Relatability of “Hoarders”

Eryn Loeb |
The other day, I found an accidental time capsule: a plastic folder I used to take back and forth to my former job, where I last worked almost a year ago. It had been sitting on... more

Taking Pictures of Things That Are Almost Gone

Eryn Loeb |
Yesterday, I spent the morning drinking coffee and paging through Michael Eastman’s lovely book of photographs, “Vanishing America.” The book, published in 2008, is a gorgeous c... more

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