Here’s Your Mitt Romney/Arrested Development Mash-up

Some people — not me, God knows, but some people — might say that Mitt Romney is a bit of an out-of-touch elitist. This is all based on mild comments that he makes such as saying that 47% of Americans are pathetic welfare bums who deserve to die. But hey, Mitt’s just saying what we’re all really thinking, right? …Right?

Or at least, he’s saying what incredibly privileged emotionally stunted WASP-y billionaires are really thinking. …Which brings us to the Tumblr Lucille and Mitt, which pairs the wit and wisdom of Willard Mitt Romney with images of Lucille Bluth, the frosty matriarch from Arrested Development.

Somehow, reading Mitt’s words but hearing them in Lucile’s disdainful, vodka-and-tonic-soaked sneer really drives home the problem that Mr. Romney might be facing. The problem being that Mitt and Lucille both sort of seem to hate the “common man.”  …And the greater problem being that Lucille at least is funny, whereas Mitt is really not.

So here are some selected images from Lucille and Mitt — and again, you can check out the entire Tumblr right… here. And remember, these are all actual Mitt Romney quotes. Please to enjoy:

Oliver Miller
Oliver has a MFA in fiction from a very expensive college, but has never published any fiction. He has written for Nerve, McSweeney’s, The Huffington Post, and many other websites. His work has been f more


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