Mitt Romney Condoms Now Exist

Next time you’re DTF, reach for a Romney.

The same company that brought you Obama condoms is now marketing a line of condoms dedicated to GOP candidate Mitt Romney. As advertised on the website: “Despite Mitt’s inability to stick to a position, Romney condoms are great for any position.”

The condoms with Romney’s face on the package cost about five dollars each, so you probably won’t be stocking up if you’re hard for cash. But is there a better Valentine’s Day gift for your man than a Romney Rubber?

If you can afford five dollar condoms, you can now think of Mitt Romney every time you’re about to get it in. It’s contraception for the one percent!

Caution: Mitt Romney condoms may cause flip-flopping.

Please feel free to add your own Mitt Romney condom jokes in the comments section.

Erik Oster is an Assistant Editor at The Faster Times and a writer, editor and musician from Fairfield County, Connecticut. After graduating Goucher College in 2008 with a degree in creative writing, more


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