Highlights From Yesterday’s Promoted #McRib Trend

Yesterday McDonald’s promoted #McRib and people tweeted up a storm. Here are some of the highlights.

Some people like the McRib way too much:

@slarkpope: Gonna buy a bunch of #McRib sammiches, build a meat-woman out of em. Name her Eve. Make little #McRib babies with her. Eat them. #McRib

@NotSeanPayton: I love the #mcRib. Not just eating it. I mean love. Like I buy two. I eat one and put lipstick on the other and… Love it

Thank you for not elaborating any further.

@tonybgoode: FACT: 99% of people want the McRib to come back. We are the 99%. #occupymcrib

I question your sources on that one, @tonybgoode.

And some people hate it:

@UrbanGem: I told yall it was gon trend…the fuggin #McRib made out of orangutan meat and flavored with cat urine!!!!

@JdotCAKES: today on the way home a pigeon flew into my bosses windshield and died #McRib

@krztoff: When McDonalds paid to promote the #mcrib hash tag, I wonder if they considered how many would comment on it being made from orangutan meat.

This was a recurring theme.

One person seemed a bit more level-headed:

@bethefan: even though it has less real meat in it than a new born goldfish, a McRib an french fries sounds good right now.


@ApexToApex: It’s interesting how #McRib and #LindsayLohanPosingNudeinPlayboy are both trending, because they’re pretty much the same thing.

This is an astoundingly astute observation.

@scottwiters: so #McRib and HPV are trending…

@CMulligan22: #McRib is trending, how many twitter accounts does the fat #kardashian actually have

I wonder which one he means…


@Pure_Nonsense: The McRib is back again? It’s kinda like Jersey Shore. It’s terrible for society and nobody really likes it, but it keeps coming back.

I wonder how many people have eaten a McRib while watching Jersey Shore.

@waitwait: The #McRib is just something you have to do, whether you like it or not. Like puberty.

Also like puberty (for girls at least), the McRib has been known to cause severe cramping. (Sorry.)

@willychambers: the #McRib is like an exgirlfriend visiting, you know you probably shouldn’t do it, but hey, it’s back for a limited time

Just don’t order a McRib while your ex is visiting.


@Idybevrage: Does the #McRib really give you psychadelic hallucinations? Going to try one today.

If only…

@nickcaito: i wonder if Qaddafi got to try a #McRib before this all went down…

Qaddafi kept a dream journal. In that journal was a recurring dream where he went to McDonalds with Condoleezza Rice, they both ordered the McRib, and she licked the barbecue sauce from his face. (Sorry again.)

@iammattburch: Have you ever seen #McRib and Tom Arnold in the same place?

This could also go in the theories section…


@Noonz: They should just do the obvious thing and have Lipitor ads on the wrapper for the delicious #McRib. #synergy

McDonald’s: Listen to this guy!

@andycahn: If the #McRib has no bones, it should be called #McTissue

That’s pretty fucking gross.

One theory:

@rainnwilson: McRib is people! @McDonalds McRib is PEEE-PULLL!!!!!

A lot of people ripped this one off.

Kind of random:

@WineKeep: Well McDonalds has brought back the #McRib! Wine Lovers: What bottle would you pair up with this famous fast food delicacy? Let us know!

Umm. What!? Is this serious? If there’s a wine that pairs well with the McRib, I don’t want to try it.

@lexybieb_mahone: #McRib one of the very few thongs I actually eat at McDonald’s

Holy shit that’s disgusting: McThong.

@CrushFitness: Nothing cool about bad smells in the cardio area, #cardiofarts no thanks. Quit eating #McRib before workouts, and in general.

I’m not going to get into this one…

@teeawgo: At first, I thought #McRib was the name of some upcoming rapper. I was like who’s MC Rib?

MC Rib in the house, for a limited time only.

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