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Monster Energy Drink Stock Tragically Plummets Following Death Reports

Erik Oster |
Shares of Monster Beverage Corporation tragically fell over 14 percent today, following reports from the Food and Drug Administration that five people “consumed the drink befor... more

Here’s Your Mitt Romney/Arrested Development Mash-up

Oliver Miller Oliver Miller |
Some people — not me, God knows, but some people — might say that Mitt Romney is a bit of an out-of-touch elitist. This is all based on mild comments that he makes ... more

The 20 Weirdest Books of All Time

Oliver Miller Oliver Miller |
Here, courtesy of me trolling through the “Weird Books” selection at Abe Books, are my selections for the twenty weirdest books of all time. I’m going to pre... more

Sarah Palin Tells Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to ‘Go Rogue’

Oliver Miller Oliver Miller |
Exciting news, everyone:  Sarah Palin has decided to weigh in and opine on the presidential race. I know. Yes, Sarah Heath Palin, America’s Favorite Sweetheart Who Seems ... more

‘Hamlet’ Is a Fox TV Show Now, Because Sure, Why the Hell Not?

Oliver Miller Oliver Miller |
According to Deadline Hollywood, Fox TV — of all things — will be creating a “sophisticated, contemporary” version of Hamlet — of all things. That... more

Video Game Characters Go To the Right

Oliver Miller Oliver Miller |
It honestly never occurred to me before that all video game characters always head to the right. I am speaking, of course, of 2-D characters, from the 8-bit age — the age... more

Muppets With Human Eyes

Oliver Miller Oliver Miller |
“The eyes are the window to the soul,” Aristotle once wrote. That’s something to think about, although also something to think about is Homer Simpson’s ... more

Spoiled ‘Wife Swap’ Beauty Queen Arrested For Prostitution

Erik Oster |
If you’re like me and you’ve watched almost every episode of ABC’s wonderfully terrible and terribly wonderful show Wife Swap, then you’ll recognize Alic... more

John Mayer And Katy Perry Might Be Hollywood’s Newest Couple, I Might Have Just Thrown Up In My Mouth A Little Bit

Erik Oster |
Katy Perry and John Mayer were photographed having dinner together at Chateau Marmont in L.A. on Wednesday, says Us Weekly. This news was made exponentially worse by the fact t... more

Gay Florida Man Faces Tragic Chick-fil-A Addiction

Erik Oster |
Tampa area gay man Clarence Truman has conflicted feelings about Chick-fil-A. The Christian fast food chain has drawn ire for their considerable contributions to bigoted anti-g... more

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