How Not to Use a Stolen Credit Card

This is why, if you want to make it big in crime, you gotta leave your hometown and do things up bright-lights/big-city. Otherwise, you run the risk of being recognized from high school by the clerk you hand that stolen credit card to, or you run the risk of that card belonging to the clerk’s mother. If you’re Joshua Devonshire, 19, of the town of Manor, Pennsylvania, you’re a special kind of unlucky, because then you get both happening to you with the same clerk, and at the same time. And then you get charged with two counts of theft, one of fraud, and need $3,000 to make bail. “Not to make light of this,” said a local police sergeant, before making light of this, “but, really, this entire incident was a comedy of errors. Some people just aren’t cut out to be criminals.”

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