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Grace Review  There were reasons to have faith in “Grace,” a play about the downside of faith and the mystery of grace. Its stellar four-member cast includes Paul Rudd and Ed Asner, two performers whose presence implicitly promises laughs and endearment. It marks the Broadway debut of playwright Craig Wright, a onetime writer for such intriguing TV series as “Six Feet Under” and “Lost,” whose best-known stage play, a quirky and frenetic comedy entitled “Mistakes Were Made,” was presented recently at Barrow Street Theater starring Michael Shannon, a sizzling performer who is also in “Grace.”
But by the end of “Grace,” which is also the beginning of “Grace” (I’ll explain that later), I had absorbed what seems to be one of the major messages in the play: Having faith can set you up for disappointment. That also, unfortunately, is one of the messages I took home about the play.

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