Man Uses The Word ‘Literally’ Correctly

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Andy Goldfarb, age 31, of Taos, New Mexico, accidentally used the word “literally” correctly in a sentence over the holiday season, thereby marking the first time that the word had been used correctly in America in more than twelve years.
Mr. Goldfarb had just finished unwrapping a present from his Christmas stocking when the event took place. The stocking-stuffer gift in question was a “joke” gift: a lump of coal, with a tag saying “Guess who’s been naughty this year.”


“Hey!” Mr. Goldfarb said. “This is literally a chuck of coal!”

Oliver Miller is a freelance writer living in Manhattan. more


  • Cöelis Mendoza

    I’m actually surprised there are no comments here (unless this is one of those weird rando-pick-content sites)! I would just like to say that I have mental relationships (read mental in any way necessary…) way too often. It is, actually, quite sad. That being said, thanks for the advice, I think you’re way hilarious :)

  • Shelley Pederson Blondeau

    So what’s with the suit? I thought they zippered up the back?

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