WikiLeaks: We Have 5 Million Stratfor Emails

Though said to be near its reported state of financial near-death, WikiLeaks fired what may be its final salvo, a tranche of emails from the open-source private intelligence firm known as Stratfor, in a coup allegedly assisted by the hacktivist collective Anonymous.

In an AP dispatch posted by CBS News this Monday, the London-based Frontline Club interviewed Julian Assange, the embattled co-founder of the whistle-blower group that was last heard several months ago when its incremental release of State Department memoranda and diplomatic messages had continued to reverberate.

WikiLeaks: We Have 5 Million Stratfor Emails

Stratfor, “the global geopolitical analysis” firm, as Somini Sengupta in the N.Y. Times reported, had already announced late last year that it suffered a hack attack, and Wiki claims it is now in possession of some 5 million internal emails “spanning seven years” from a group that is one of the largest security information aggregators in the world.

However, the main thrust of WikiLeaks’ latest disclosure is that some 4,000 of these emails (one-tenth of one percent of the total) were said to demonstrate Stratfor’s “attempts to subvert” the inchoate organization. Beyond that, since the emails are yet to be released though Wiki is “putting them out in collaboration with two dozen international media organizations,” according to the aforementioned Associated Press report, the larger significance is not yet known.

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