Mormon Kids Love Fire

Mormon Kids Love FireLate Saturday night, when everyone else their age was getting drunk, Brigham Young University students were throwing homemade gas bombs down a mineshaft. In the midst of their merriment, they accidentally spilled and ignited a cooler filled with fuel, resulting in at least five hospitalizations.

According to an article in the Utah Daily Herald, Sheriff’s Sergeant Spencer Cannon said the area in which the students were doing their own version of partying is a “popular spot for college students to play with fire.”

How interesting that, when forbidden from indulging in typical collegiate recreation (guzzling Four Lokos, grinding up ons one other), Brigham Young kids play with Satan’s own incinerating mattress material. They are sleeping with the devil, per se.

Granted, alcohol-related deaths far outnumber those caused by mineshaft mischief, but one must wonder if there aren’t better alternatives for these people. Are they truly all pyromaniacs, or simply extremely bored, aimless teens? Perhaps Payson, Utah should re-examine its appropriation of entertainment funding if the best option for restless youth is a mineshaft off the highway. A 24-hour diner with a pool table could prove to be distraction enough. Maybe the bomb making could be saved for special occasions.

In other Mormon, fire-related news, BYU sketch comedy group Divine Comedy parodied Katy Perry’s “Firework” with a Hogwarts spin. A high quality tribute to the end of HP, these BYU students show their fire can also be used for good.

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