J.K. Rowling Unveils Pottermore

J.K. Rowling Unveils Pottermore

Today we learned what exactly Pottermore is, besides a little disappointing.

Leading up to J.K. Rowling’s big Harry Potter announcement today there was a countdown, an empty website, a clue laden scavenger hunt, and a name. But what could Pottermore mean? The hopeful ( and the literal) took the name at face value-more Potter. The details were irrelevant. Meanwhile the craftier fans were left to crack it like a puzzle. A new movie, a new book, Paramore is becoming a wizard rock band?

As Dumbledore would say, alas. Pottermore is nothing more than a HP website, it’s main claim to fame- the Harry Potter collection in download-able e-book form.

Harry Potter was never really meant to be contained within a kindle. Potter books are meant to lined up, in order, on the top of your bookcase to show off your wizardly pride. They have heft, the better to knock some sense in to your little sister who insists Edward is superior to Harry.

And yet, Ms Rowling is sure to make money, estimated at $160 million reports The AV Club, from those Nook toting muggles who love their well dusted Potter tomes waiting for them at home but never realized how much they needed the boy wizard with them on the subway.

For those who aren’t quite sure if they need a more portable Potter, Rowling promises 18,000 new Hoggy-Warty-words to accompany the books on the new website, so your growing excitement as the owl clock clicked down wasn’t all for nothing.

Pottermore.com in it’s entirety won’t be up until October, so you have more than three months to try to get back some of that excitement you had before today’s announcement. Can you feel it?

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