Weiner Shrinks Under Pressure

Weiner Shrinks Under Pressure

New York Rep. Anthony Weiner has decided to resign. Weinergate has been a lengthy process: first, Weiner denies tweeting a crotch shot to Meagan Broussard. More photos are revealed. Then in a tearful press conference, he confesses to the communications. Nancy Pelosi calls for an ethics investigation inquiring whether a violation of House rules has occurred. The plot thickens and we find out Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, is pregnant. Weiner departs for a treatment center on leave of absence. Obama says that if it were him, he’d resign.

Weiner is adamant that he will stay in office. Pelosi threatens to strip Weiner of his committee assignments if he doesn’t step down.

Now, Weiner has gone flaccid. According to the New York Times, Weiner plans to resign in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, at 2 pm this afternoon. It is the same place that Weiner announced his first campaign for City Council in 1992.

Seems like politicians would have learned a lesson since the (still relatively recent) Clinton-Lewinsky debacle. But new technology means a new playing field, and they trick themselves into thinking it’s a different game. But the issue is not that he tweeted, it’s that he lied.

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