12yr old SI Boy Charged With Hate Crime

I was debating 12yr old SI Boy Charged With Hate Crimewhere to place this article. In News? In Politics? In Horrible-Disturbing-Events? In Reasons-Why-The-School-System-Is-So-Screwed-Up?

Let’s begin with the gist.

The profligate in this tale is 12 year old Osman Daramy. At 12 years old, I was romping through the woods, catching craw-dads in the creek, and organizing Pog tournaments in my garage. Osman Daramy, however, is busy paving his way as the town’s Viking–beating, pillaging, and harassing anyone he feels like it.

Young Daramy is the heat of discussion today because he allegedly shoved a fellow classmate to the ground, punched her, kicked her, and tried to pull off her hijab while asking, “Are you a Muslim?”. So, is this just a case of a child being a bully? A senseless hate crime? A kid acting out in frustrations and being misjudged for his poor decisions?

It’s senseless, for sure. And we can definitely rule it as a hate crime, because I’ve never really been clear about the definition of a “hate crime” to begin with. Aren’t all crimes hateful thus–”hate crimes”? I know, I’m rambling a bit here, but what I can’t seem to get over is the way this is all being handled. An image of the Daramy boy giving a photographer the bird was blasted across every media platform imaginable this morning. Naturally, his parents are claiming he’s a good kid—yeah. Good at cutting off his peer’s hair, robbing a pizza delivery man, and harassing his teachers. What does Daramy’s current victim have to say about his actions? She said she feels sorry for him because he’s missing out on his studies. Wow.

The other major concern I have about this story is the way the principal supposedly handled the situation. A source says, “..the principal talked with the cops for three hours in her office, trying to get them not to make it a hate crime because it would look bad for the school.”

Seriously? A child beats and torments another child! Your #1 priority is to make sure the school doesn’t look bad? What is wrong with these people? I’m disgusted at the thought that the principal considered covering this up in effort to protect the school’s reputation instead of protecting the school’s students. I understand that the NYC DOE is undergoing a lot of challenges right now with teachers and unions and school closings and all that. It always will. But at the heart of theses problems is child safety. Not statistics. Not numbers on documents. I can only hope that eventually, regardless of money and ego, the gods in the sky will learn this before more children are attacked in such a way.

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