Steve Jobs Video: The Result of His First Day of Cancer Treatment?

Steve Jobs Video: The Result of His First Day of Cancer Treatment?Here is a breaking video of Apple CEO Steve Jobs as he slowly, but surely, stumbles to his car only steps outside of a café in California. After recent photos from National Enquirer brought about a slew of questions, along with a prediction of only six weeks left to live, this video doesn’t really play in his favor.

The video was shot the same day that Jobs began treatment in Palo Alto at the Stanford Cancer Center, and was able to obtain the short clip of the gaunt Apple mogul.

Jobs is no stranger to keeping his personal life-and what goes on behind Apple’s closed doors-a secret so it is still uncertain exactly what is going on with him. A meeting with shareholders will take place on Wednesday February 21 to possibly discuss the future plan for “Apple After Jobs.” Despite Apple’s numerous attempts at blowing off the request for a succession plan, speculation of Jobs’ life expectancy has given shareholders enough reason to worry.

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