Rahm Emanuel Back On the Ballot

Rahm Emanuel Back On the BallotThe Illinois Supreme Court has restored Rahm Emanuel to the Chicago mayoral ballot. The justices issued a stay of the appeals court’s order that had removed Rham from the race.

The appeals court ordered that Emanuel’s name be removed from the ballot, after deciding he did not meet the one year residency requirement. After this ruling, Ballot’s were printed without Emanuel’s name.

Emanuel, a Chicago native, had hoped that the residency technicality would be overlooked. But the appeals court decision showed that this son of the windy city will not get special treatment.

The decision by the Supreme Court to restore Emanuel to the ballot, while they deiced if they will hear his appeal, indicates that the justices might support the former chief of staff and rule his way when the case is heard.

If they rule against him, the ballots will need to be changed again. Electronic voting could expedite the process of conducting this election.

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