Are Banks Open on Martin Luther King Day?

TAre Banks Open on Martin Luther King Day?he long and short of it is a simple and emphatic “No.”

Your local Bank of America will be closed today, along with your local Chase, your local US Bank, your local Wells Fargo, and your local Wachovia. Trust me, I actually got up a bit early today, planning to deposit the last few checks from my last job which arrived at the end of last week. I thought it’d be quick and easy, and I’d be able to get in and out of my local Chase branch before making my way down to the TFT Offices. And yet this day of memorial won me out, and now I’ll have to get up early again tomorrow. Oh, woe is me! (But seriously, guys. I do not having to get up early. The recent college grad within me would have me getting up at 2pm every day if I could get away with it).

And if you’re a lazy stock broker who didn’t check to see if he had work on Monday, the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ will also remain closed today.

Assuming no further Holidays are declared by the government by the end of the day, Banks should resume regular service tomorrow morning.

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