Atlanta Hawks Soaring: The NBA’s Top Five Early Surprise Teams

Mason Lerner |
Yes, it is still early in the season, but not too early to start tracking some of the feel-good, surprise stories in the league. While it is true that all of these teams could ... more

Ron Artest tells Trevor Ariza, “That’s My Shoe, Punk!”

Mason Lerner |
Last night, amidst a 101- 91 beating from the scrappy Houston Rockets, the los Angeles Lakers’ Ron Artest did something that only Ron Ron could do without fear of repris... more

Lebron James Wants NBA to Retire Michael Jordan’s Number; Other Things the NBA Should Send to the Retirement Home

Mason Lerner |
LeBron James has been putting a lot of thought into it, and he thinks every player in the NBA who wears the number 23 should give it up to honor Michael Jordan. “I just ... more

Oy Vey, the Irony: Jeremy Tyler Quit School to Hoop with People of the Book

Mason Lerner |
Jeremy Tyler quit high school to play pro hoops in Israel. That is just awesome. What will be next? I suppose a parent will eventually attempt to cryogenically freeze their tee... more

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Involved in Real Life Game of Death

Mason Lerner |
Word broke today that Kareem Abdul Jabbar is battling leukemia. But I ain’t too worried about it. What chance does Death have against a guy who busted his buns every night... more

Allen Iverson is a Celestial Being of Incomprehensible Bitching Power

Mason Lerner |
Years ago, Allen Iverson was righteously offended when the 76ers air-brushed over his tattoos on the cover of their media guide. It seems like Iverson has spent the last couple ... more

Release the Zebras: Tim Donaghy is Out of Prison and I Want to Read His Book!

Mason Lerner |
What does it take to get a publishing house up and operating? Because if I can get the investors together, I think there is a multi-million dollar idea we can run with. Former ... more

Yes, Yao Can; Barack Obama Quotes Yao Ming

Tal Shahar |
We all know that Yao Ming is China’s hero and one of the most marketable players on the planet. Not to mention a great player. Now you can add influential political figur... more

Ron Artest in China

Tal Shahar |
At this point, I didn’t think there was anything the Artest Currently Known as Ron could do to make me think he was even crazier and funnier than I already thought he was.... more

LeBron James Stars in the Worst Poster Ever

Tal Shahar |
Well, the video of LeBron getting dunked on has finally surfaced: httpv:// Only “Bruno” kept this from being t... more

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