Nanoparticles Investigation

The Big Three Nanoparticles, Part One: Hi-Ho Nanosilver

Amy Westervelt |
There are nanoparticles used in over 1,000 everyday products and counting, according to the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies . Three particles in particular are currently r... more

Tiny Particles in Your Food – The TFT Investigation Continues…

Amy Westervelt |
We’re just about a week into our nanotechnology investigation and readers have already led us to dozens of reports and sources. Earlier this week the Natural Resources Def... more

The New TFT Investigation: How Scary Is Nanotechnology?

Amy Westervelt |
Okay, so maybe “How scary is nanotechnology?” is a leading question. The truth is, nanotechnology, like most things, is neither all bad nor all good. But first of all, what is ... more

Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies

Amy Westervelt |
This is a linked article. Edit or deleted it. more

Friends of the Earth on Nanotech: It’s No Friend of the Earth

Amy Westervelt |
Friends of the Earth released its much-anticipated report on the climate costs of nanotechnology yesterday, revealing that while many have touted the potential of nanoparticles ... more

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