Mingling with Basal Gang and No Shoes

Lou Guberti |
This is the second in a series of posts covering the release of the new split EP, Mingling by No Shoes and Basal Gang. The first was an interview with producer, Oliver Ignatius.... more

Mingling in Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen

Lou Guberti |
This is the first in a series of posts covering the release of the new split EP, Mingling by No Shoes and Basal Gang. The rest will follow over the course of the next few days. ... more

Coheed and Cambria win in a KO with “Domino the Destitute”

Lou Guberti |
Sometimes, the champ loses his form. A hint of rust here, a blown punch there, and soon a young contender has taken his belt. The title of prog heavyweight champions had been s... more

New Music Review: Tender Trap; “Step One”

Erik Oster |
“Step One” is a catchy, exciting tune that makes me want to go out and form a girl band. If only I wasn’t a boy… Amelia Fletcher is back, and that’... more

Joey Bada$$ and Rap’s Second Generation, or The Mixtape Conundrum

Joey Bien-Kahn |
My friends and I used to laugh at the image of us sitting around as old men, grandkids bouncing on our laps, bumping “A Bitch Iz a Bitch” loud enough for the neighborhood to hea... more

Four New Albums To Check Out (June)

Erik Oster |
This June has been a pretty fruitful month for new releases, so you’d be excused if you missed out on some of the new music coming out this month. Here are four that I thi... more

Dinosaur Jr. Announces New Album, Tour

Erik Oster |
Dinosaur Jr. have announced a new album, I Bet On Sky, to be released September 18th on Jagjaguwar. The album will be the third released by the band since reforming in 2005, and... more

Insecure Radio

Jackson Sabbagh |
These days, despite the advent of an “always connected, always disconnected” America, we still make the time for the car rides and communions of rallying around enormous pop re... more

To Jump: Life After ACL Surgery

Joey Bien-Kahn |
In the last two weeks, Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert, Baron Davis and Mariano Rivera have all torn the anterior cruciate ligament in their respective knees. This flurry of ACL inj... more

Pets Vs. People: Would I Rather Spend the Day with an Elephant?

Jeremy Helligar |
“What’s your favorite animal?” It was an odd, random question, but as ice-breaking inquiries go, that one is a lot better than “Top or bottom?” o... more

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