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Goodbye to Summer: Basil Lemonade Recipe

Jaimee Young |
Summer 2010 is finished, put away your white shoes and lazy summertime attitudes. We may have a week or two before the equinox, but now is a good time to get your head around... more

The Art of Food Presentation: Everybody Can Do It, Even You

Jaimee Young |
Last Saturday I was sitting on my second-favorite bench in my fourth-favorite park, when a woman walking by shouted at me, “you look Raphael-esque!” Some people might have jus... more

Want To Eat Healthfully? Have A Cookie.

Jaimee Young |
Sugar and flour are great productivity boosters. Not long after I graduated from pastry school I went to work as part of the overnight baking crew at a renowned Hell’s Kitchen... more

The Accent Is Fake, The Butter Is Real: What To Do On a Boring Summer Saturday

Jaimee Young |
One of my favorite Betty Draperisms is: “Only boring people get bored.” Reminds me of what my grandmother used to say: “What, you kids are bored? Go clean your room.” Neither ... more

Kale Is Good. Moms Are Scary.

Jaimee Young |
I’ve heard you should eat green leafy vegetables when you’re feeling distressed, discombobulated, a bit off balance, or just plain off your rocker. They’re full of anti-oxidant... more

It’s Hot. Eat Some Fruit

Jaimee Young |
No matter what the circumstances, it’s important to maintain a sunny disposition. Even in the middle of another New York City heat wave, I try to remain calm. I’m really not a... more

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