Brock Lesnar: An Expert Weighs In On His Disease

Mason Lerner |
Can Brock Lesnar ever be the same again? Brock Lesnar was forced to pull out of his scheduled fight with Junior dos Santos due to a flair up of his diverticulitis. Lesnar misse... more

Wesley “Cabbage” Correira Arrested; Who Cares?Look At This Cool Pic of Him

Mason Lerner |
Just last week I was lamenting the fact that Wesley “Cabbage” Correira would not be in the headlines any time soon. I had just finished a photo manipulation in which... more

Brock Lesnar OUT at UFC 131; Is He Done For Good?

Mason Lerner |
Brock Lesnar pulls out of UFC 31 due to illness Brock Lesnar was forced to pull out if his scheduled UFC 131 match with Junior dos Santos due to a flare up of diverticulitis. ... more

Brock Smash; MMA, Marvel and DC Crossover

Mason Lerner |
MMA Stars and Their Comic Boom Counterparts; We already know that Randy Couture is Captain America. But who is everybody else? OK, I am not going to bullshit you. This post con... more

Can GSP Get His Groove Back? @BasRuttenMMA Opines

Mason Lerner |
Bas Rutten Breaks Down GSP Has Georges St. Pierre lost his killer instinct? A lot of people are wondering these days. It is a pretty ridiculous question given the fashion in ... more

Top 10 MMA Nicknames Besides “Korean Zombie”

Mason Lerner |
MMA is last bastion of great sports nicknames The great sports nickname has been on life support for more than a decade. Not only that, I am pretty sure the demise of the great... more

Jon “Bones” Jones Explains His Injury Via Personal Website

Mason Lerner |
Jon “Bones” Jones Explains His Injury Why Tweet when you have your very own media outlet? Jon “Bones” Jones explained the injury that put the kybosh on ... more

UFC 129 Update: GSP Wants to be a “Real Champion”

Mason Lerner |
Georges St. Pierre ignores critics; focuses on being “real champion” Georges St. Pierre told Sherdog he is not listening to the suddenly growing gaggle of critics picking apar... more

Jon Jones vs. Rashad Evans OFF; Good Riddance to Meaningless Matchmaking

Mason Lerner |
Jon Jones’s injury forces Rashad Evans into gatekeeper’s role Every once in a while fate steps in and ruins a fight you were really looking forward to. Anyone rememb... more

TUF 13: Chris Cope can Fight…and Write

Mason Lerner |
TUF 13: Chris Cope might be a good fighter, but he is a great writer Brock Lesnar can exhale. Chris Cope pulled off a huge upset for Team Lesnar on the second episode of The Ult... more

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