Your Spouse is Using You: Facebook and the Effects of Unemployment on Divorce

Michael Thomsen |
In a recent article, “Facebook is Using You,” professor and author Lori Andrews delivered an ethical criticism of the social networking hub based on its practice of ... more

The Perfect Art: Reality Television and Polygamy

Michael Thomsen |
Consider this: reality television is the perfected height of cinema. New forms of media depend on the introduction of one new technical element that is impossible to accommodate... more

Pornography & Superstition: A Genital Manifesto

Michael Thomsen |
Dennis Cooper re-published a series of “Ghost Stories” on his website to mark the passing of Halloween. The stories derive from some old photos he claims were given ... more

Occupy Wall Street and the War on Metonymy

Michael Thomsen |
After a short period of time at Occupy Wall Street it becomes clear that Wall Street is not actually being occupied. A large group of people have moved into a park a few blocks ... more

Trying to Do Acid with My Mother

Michael Thomsen |
Last year I tried to convince my mother to do LSD with me. It was a joke at first, asked walking through Christiania in Copenhagen, a small piece of land in the city’s har... more

Abort My Baby: The Role of Reason in the Fight for Fetuses

Michael Thomsen |
It’s tempting to think I learned nothing from my education. A few years ago I received a new copy of my college transcript and was distressed to find I have almost no memo... more

Sub-Erotic Politics: Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and the Corn Dog Blowjobs

Michael Thomsen |
When I was 14 I thought that my schoolmates might somehow be watching me when I masturbated. I was sure one particularly unlikable boy called Ryan, who once coordinated two of h... more

Men at Work: The Debt Ceiling and the Effect of Women on Group Intelligence

Michael Thomsen |
When I was in high school I found a manilla envelope marked “Divorce” in the desk in my dad’s office. We should have a word to describe moments like this, when a number of powe... more

Other People’s Girlfriends I Have Slept With

Michael Thomsen |
Two years ago I went through a 12 month period where every woman I hooked up with save one had a boyfriend. I have never cheated on anyone I’ve dated, but that seems to shrink a... more

Cell Phone Pictures of My Penis I Have Taken

Michael Thomsen |
I had a camera for years, but it wasn’t until I got a cell phone that I started taking pictures of my penis. It should have been the opposite. Surely the camera with its depth o... more

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