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Should Reporters Bother to Cover the Republican National Convention?

Jeff Jarvis |
Why the Republican National Convention is a waste of money for news orgs. I challenge every journalist in Tampa for the Republican convention — every one of the 15-16,000 of y... more

New York’s Dwindling News Coverage

Jeff Jarvis |
Is New York Going to Have Enough News Coverage? I’m getting worried about New York becoming undercovered. Yes, the city is lucky to have three daily newspapers but… * The New Y... more

What’s So Scary About Google Glasses?

Jeff Jarvis |
Google Goggles — Yet Another Excuse for a Media Freakout I got a call today from’s Joanna Stern about Google’s Glasses. She’s very nice. But I had a fit when sh... more

The Case for Tweeting Your Cancer Diagnosis

Jeff Jarvis |
Watching the remarkable Xeni Jardin tweet her mammogram and cancer diagnosis, then blog eloquently about it, then crowdsource opening up her own MRI data makes me ask: Why are w... more

Why Occupy Wall Street Needs Twitter

Jeff Jarvis |
“#OccupyWallStreet Establishes us, the public, as an entity to be reckoned with.” It is time for Twitter and its citizens to take back #OccupyWallStreet. I say tha... more

My Long Wait for Verizon

Jeff Jarvis |
Why Verizon Needs to Be More Open Dear Verizon, I have a simple, helpful suggestion for you: Put your technician assignments online for customers to see so we can judge when ... more

How Apple and Google are Different — And Alike

Jeff Jarvis |
Is Apple really the ultimate unGoogle? Here is a snippet from What Would Google Do? about Apple as the grand exception to every rule I put forth there: How does Apple do it? H... more

Occupy Wall Street and the Hashtag Revolt

Jeff Jarvis |
Why Occupy Wall Street Cannot Be Run as an Institution. #OccupyWallStreet has been drawing complaints that it doesn’t have a demand and a goal. But I say that is precisely its... more

What Would Google Do? — In paperback

Jeff Jarvis |
“What Would Google Do?” is Now Available in Paperback After almost three years, What Would Google Do? is out in paperback. Oh, no, now I have two things to hawk. It... more

How 9/11 Made Me Who I Am – And How It Didn’t

Jeff Jarvis |
To ask how 9/11 changed me is to assume that I could imagine life without that day. 9/11 became a line in my definition of myself, alongside father, husband, journalist, teacher... more

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