What We Talk About When We Talk About Chili

Scott Gold |
[The Author's tequila-spiked, three-bean rattlesnake chili with diced white onions, shredded cheddar cheese, and, of course, Fritos.] Scenes like this unfold regularly on stage ... more

Meat Me At The Super Beauxl: A New Orleans Native Reflects on Football and Food

Scott Gold |
Making friends with an exceptionally talented specialty pastry artist, I’ve come to know, is always a good thing to do. If you haven’t befriended one yet — li... more

Bourbon and Barbecue: The Ultimate BFF Pair

Scott Gold |
There’s a television advertisement I remember from my youth: Two ranch hands are hanging out on the corral, snacking, when one of them, in an inept attempt to mount his ... more

The New Orleans Po-Boy Festival: A Rich Day For A Poor Boy

Scott Gold |
Over the years, I’ve been implored by a number of earnest do-gooders to become part of their organizations, to join hands, fight the good fight and help make the world a ... more

Happy Turkey (Stuffed with Duck, Stuffed With Chicken) Day!

Scott Gold |
It probably wouldn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday of all holidays. It’s been that way for years. There are n... more

In Which I Solve This Ground Beef E.Coli Problem for Good

Scott Gold |
It started a couple of weeks ago, subtly, just before waking up on a rainy Saturday morning. I couldn’t tell what it was, exactly, but I didn’t feel quite right. ... more

Meat and Booze: The Recipe for Happiness?

Scott Gold |
A friend recently forwarded me the above infographic, a nifty little chart illustrating some of the larger and smaller meat consumers in the world, and exactly how much animal... more

The KFC Double Down: This Is Why the Terrorists Hate Our Freedom

Scott Gold |
Some weeks ago, I was startled by a surging news item that I thought couldn’t possibly be real. There was this video — a YouTube video, in fact, and we all know ho... more

Pantanal da Nhecolandia: Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Margaret Mallory |
She was a good-looking cow, unfazed by the Brazilian cowboys (pantaneiros) who had separated her from the rest of the herd. With loopy white ears, big dark eyes, lean muscular b... more

Playing With Your Meat: The Lamb Merguez Cupcake

Scott Gold |
Every summer since I was a toddler, my family has spent a week at the beach. Though the location has changed over the years — Destin and Perdido Key, Florida; Gulf Shore... more

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