Love And Music

GUEST POST: Oh Aimee! Oh Tracey! by Kevin Sampsell

Chloe Caldwell |
It’s kind of heartbreaking to get a love letter returned to you. It’s even worse if it’s been set on fire and placed under the windshield wiper of your car. I received such a pr... more

GUEST POST by Ryan Werner: I Want The Girl, Too

Chloe Caldwell |
I fell in love with a girl named Brenda and then, ten years later, did it again. The first time it happened was in fourth grade, a year after my parents switched me from the Cat... more

Thoughts on Headphones

Chloe Caldwell |
When I began writing, I didn’t dare use headphones. Headphones were for impatiently waiting on the subway platform, they were for walking around New York when I was lonely... more

Three States of Writers (Depicted in Song)

Chloe Caldwell |
Yesterday I was listening to Weezer and at some point Cuomo implies that he couldn’t talk about going crazy–that he had to write an album about it instead. Interesti... more

GUEST POST: I’m With You by Michael Juliani

Chloe Caldwell |
In May 1991 the Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded Blood Sugar Sex Magik in a mansion in Laurel Canyon where The Beatles first dropped acid. I was born on the 13th of that month, a... more

Sex & Romance & Love & Music

Chloe Caldwell |
We all have albums that are like mile markers. Albums that, when we hear them, send our memories into overdrive and remind us of who we have been, what we have seen, and who h... more

Lyric Thief

Chloe Caldwell |
That Was Called Love is an essay I wrote when I was living in Seattle and profoundly missing New York City. The lyric, Those were the reasons, that was New York from Leonard Coh... more

GUEST POST: Not For All The Tea In China by Dena Rash Guzman

Chloe Caldwell |
The man in the tea shop glances up at us, opening his yellow smile like smog. My hands are hovering over sliced dried lemons. Hovering. A month later, after consumption of th... more


Chloe Caldwell |
A large reason I wanted to move to New York City so badly when I was seventeen and eighteen and nineteen was because of a misheard lyric. I fell in love with Elliott Smith becau... more

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