Kids In The City

Hedwig at Breezy Point: A Family Adventure in Queens

Janice P. Nimura |
The message arrived a few days before a certain nationally televised football game. “We invite you once again to view wild owls with us in recognition of Superb Owl Sunday. Do... more

Taio and Katy at Our House: Parenting in the Top 40

Janice P. Nimura |
It’s too quiet around here.  The kids are home from school: my fifth-grader is doing her homework, but where’s her little brother?  The space between 4:00 and dinner is usually ... more

Yoshitomo Nara at Asia Society: A Different Breed of Elf

Janice P. Nimura |
It’s winter wonderland time in New York, when fir trees sprout along Park Avenue, entire buildings gift-wrap themselves, and the traffic between Grand Central Station and the A... more

Generation Facebook: Bridging the Digital Divide

Janice P. Nimura |
These days the parents around me talk about the digital divide: our children are digital natives and we are immigrants, halting speakers of a second language no matter how tech... more

Where’s My Baby? A Graphic Memoir Tackles Infertility

Janice P. Nimura |
Phoebe Potts’s beguiling graphic memoir, Good Eggs, is about infertility like Jane Austen’s novels are about marriage. Potts’s unsuccessful quest to conceive a... more

Dreadful Date: Talking To Children About 9/11

Janice P. Nimura |
It’s the week after Labor Day, which for New York City parents means mostly what it means for parents everywhere: new shoes, sharp pencils, please let that obnoxious kid ... more

Tween Queen: A Chat with the Author of “How to Hug a Porcupine”

Janice P. Nimura |
Twenty-one years ago, when Julie Ross’s first child was born, she made a discovery: those child-development textbooks she’d read for her master’s in psycholog... more

Summer Reading in the City: What To Get, What To Give

Janice P. Nimura |
It’s June, the month when every conversation among parents of school-age children in New York begins, “so, any plans to get out of the city this summer?” In o... more

Nature-Deficit Disorder? Not in My Neighborhood

Janice P. Nimura |
One Saturday every month is Community Gardening Day in Carl Schurz Park.  My nine-year-old daughter Clare and I head over to the volunteer table after a late breakfast to sign ... more

When Did I Get Like This? Amy Wilson on Manhattan Motherhood

Janice P. Nimura |
It should tell you something about Amy Wilson that the original subtitle for her new book, When Did I Get Like This? The Screamer, the Worrier, the Dinosaur-Chicken-Nugget Buye... more

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