Italian Lessons

10 Phrases You Shouldn’t Go to Italy Without

Dianne Hales |
If you’re packing your suitcases and heading for Italy in the coming months, some practical phrases are sure to come in handy. And so I’m launching a series of post... more

Celebrating May in Italy

Dianne Hales |
Le feste di maggio May festivals “Aprile con il fiore, maggio con il colore,” Italians say, “April with its flower, May with its color.” A rainbow of Italian... more

Cooking Under the Tuscan Sun

Dianne Hales |
Il ricettario de “Il sole della Toscana” The Tuscan Sun Cookbook Some people win you over with “hello”; some books, with an irresistible cover or title. Franc... more

12 Reasons to Love Spring in the Italian Language

Dianne Hales |
La Primavera Spring No season may be sweeter or more welcome than Spring. While surfing, I came across some essays Italian students wrote on the reasons why, includ... more

Italians Tighten Their Belts and Pinch Their Pennies

Dianne Hales |
Risparmiare, Fare Economia Saving Money “Con la crisi gli italiani tornano parsimoniosi,” a newspaper headline recently declared. (With the crisis, Italians are becoming pars... more

Celebrating Carnevale in the Italian Language

Dianne Hales |
Carnevale Carnival Thanks to my Catholic childhood, I could easily follow the Sunday mass in the tiny stone church of the Borgo Monte Vibiano Vecchio in Umbria. Then the white... more

Let It Snow in the Italian Language

Dianne Hales |
la neve snow When we were in Rome two winters ago, I asked if it might snow. “No,” everyone said. “Nevica a ogni morte di papa.” Literally, it snows “every death of the pope”... more

The Most Famous Obscenity in the Italian Language

Dianne Hales |
La Parolaccia Bad Language It has become the oscenit more

Shipwrecked in the Italian Language

Dianne Hales |
Il Naufragio Shipwreck, total ruin The sight of a huge cruise ship (nave da crociera) lying on its side (su un fianco) in the water, as if sleeping (come addormentata), was ... more

Tips from Students and Teachers for Learning Italian

Dianne Hales |
Studiare italiano Studying Italian “What is the most important thing to focus on when learning a new language?” a reader recently wrote. I posted his question on the LA BELLA L... more

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