Israel’s Middle Class Rebellion — A Lesson For America?

Dina Kraft |
“Israel is too expensive for me,” reads the small, hand-lettered sign illustrated with a stick-figure house. It hangs from a tent on one of three main Tel Aviv’s main boulevards... more

Israel and the New Egypt

Dina Kraft |
The Israeli-Egyptian border has an end of the world like feel: scrubby desert flatlands punctuated by the briefest stretch of a barbed wire fence and soldiers on either side of ... more

The Big Fat Lock on My Bomb Shelter

Dina Kraft |
The siren wailed at exactly 11 a.m. I knew it was coming. How could I not? The Israeli public has been bombarded with reminders for the past week about a national home front dr... more

All in the Family: An Israeli-Palestinian Tragedy

Dina Kraft |
“If you by chance woke up this morning and thought maybe this whole Israeli-Palestinian conflict by chance, wasn’t actually tragic, then this film reminds you just h... more

Anat Kam: An Israeli Tale of Censorship and Espionage Charges

Dina Kraft |
Her name is Anat Kam and at the tender age of 23 she is in the eye of an Israeli tornado, charged today with espionage and endangering the security of her fellow citizens for st... more

Mossad Hits – The End of an Era?

Dina Kraft |
Israel celebrated Purim this week, the Jewish version of Carnival or Halloween, and the streets have been full of young and old in masks and costumes. But of course the talk of ... more

Israel’s Undiplomatic Top Diplomat

Dina Kraft |
Israel’s top diplomat is anything but, well, diplomatic. After almost a year in office Avidgor Lieberman appears to be in the habit of lighting fires in one of the world&... more

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