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Walking Dream State All the Time: TFT Review of Dreams of Molly by Jonathan Baumbach

Nicolle Elizabeth |
Jonathan Baumbach’s latest novel Dreams of Molly signifies a glorious statement on parody of parody in a modern world where a middle-aged white dude is having issues. Rec... more

A Review of ‘Someday This Will Be Funny’ by Lynne Tillman

Robert Tumas |
The third entry in Lynne Tillman’s new collection Someday This Will Be Funny (Red Lemonade, 2011), called “The Substitute,” is about a woman talking to her analyst, tryin... more

A Good Day to Have the Feet Out: A Review of Jon Cotner’s Spontaneous Society

James Yeh |
Is it possible, in this age of earbuds and smart phones, to spread “good vibes” among strangers on the street through something as simple as conversation? The poet Jon Cotner th... more

The Pub Is Here: An Interview with New Indie Lit Company Founder Molly Gaudry

James Yeh |
Attention indie authors and publishers, current and aspiring: after months of planning, legal work, and anticipation, today—June 1st, 2011—marks the official launch of The Lit P... more

Party with Ghosts: ‘The Milan Review’ Launch Tonight at Powerhouse Arena

James Yeh |
In the midst of all the other book parties going on at BEA this week, don’t let this one slip your radar: rad new lit mag The Milan Review‘s New York launch party to... more

Hint Fiction Contest with Joyce Carol Oates Judging Ends 4/30/11

James Yeh |
Got any short short short stories, micro-microfictions, one-line parables, or incredibly laconic aphorisms, twenty-five words or less? The Hint Fiction contest, judged by acclai... more

Anarchristians, The Good Zine, and Honest Perversion: A Review of The Gospel Of Anarchy By Justin Taylor

Robert Tumas |
Justin Taylor’s debut novel, The Gospel of Anarchy, is a fervent tale about life on the fringes of society and the rise and eventual downfall of an anarchist commune called Fish... more

An Expansive Review of Entrance to a colonial pageant in which we all begin to intricate. by Johannes Göransson

Kyle Minor |
One of the hurdles to enjoying Entrance to a colonial pageant in which we all begin to intricate. is that the book requires the reader to learn how to read it while the reader i... more

Seeded Lawn: No Access

I hope you’ll take some time to enjoy this very funny and profound excerpt from Jon Cotner and Andy Fitch’s new full-length collaboration Conversations over Stolen F... more

Open City Folds: The End of A Literary Era

James Yeh |
If you haven’t already heard, some sad news in the world of indie lit: Noted literary magazine Open City is shuttering its doors. Although Open City Books will continue, O... more

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