After Milking Koran Burning Proposal, Terry Jones Looks for Alternatives

Pastor Terry Jones cancelled his Sept 11 Koran burning event in Gainsville, Florida a day before the ninth anniversary of the 2001 terrorist attacks on US soil. Guess he figured that by yesterday he’d milked as much media attention with his loony idea as he could without the situation getting totally out of hand.


Cleverer still, was how he managed to conveniently be away in New York while hundreds of protestors gathered in front of his church, Dove World Outreach Center on Sept. 11, despite the event being cancelled. Neat, physical ass-saving move, one has to admit.

Jones is in the Big Apple because he wants to meet with Feisal Abdul Rauf , imam of the Farah mosque in Lower Manhattan and leader of the proposed Islamic Center near Ground Zero that’s at the center of yet another ongoing controversy.  Apparently, the author of Islam is of the Devil,who’s never even read the Koran, believes he can talk peace with Rauf and convince him to relocate the proposed Islamic Center.

I’m not convinced his intentions are quite that altruistic. Methinks, the Right Reverend thinks: “heck, I’m out of further incendiary ideas. What rabble-rousing bandwagon can I jump on to now so that the spotlights continue to be trained on me?”

In the meantime, since word of the last-minute cancellation didn’t spread fast enough, violent protests continued in Afghanistan for the second day on Sept. 11. According to an Associated Press report, the largest protest, in Logar province near the Afghan capital of Kabul, drew a crowd of more than 10,000 people.  In New York, an unidentified copycat ripped out pages from the Muslim Holy book and set them aflame while a horrified crowd looked on.

Really, other than having his face plastered across TV screens and newspapers, the only thing this bigot has achieved with his callous stunt, is undermine the current US governments’ efforts to bridge the valley of hate and distrust that divides America from the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.

Shame on him.

Maureen Nandini Mitra is managing editor of Earth Island Journal. She generally writes about human rights, environment and sustainable development issues but is equally at home writing about food and more


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