Ryan Suter Signs With Minnesota Wild: NHL Free Agency 2012

Ryan Suter will sign with the Minnesota Wild, according to NHL agent Brian Lawton – is Zach Parise next?

The Minnesota Wild were reportedly in the mix to land both Ryan Suter and Zach Parise, the two biggest superstars of the 2012 NHL free agency period. According to the Twitter account of Brian Lawton, @BrianLawton9, the NHLPA certified agent and GM says that Suter “will be playing for the Minnesota Wild next season.”

It is still early and this is far from an official statement. Additionally, the Brian Lawton account is not verified by Twitter. Rumors abound during free agency and Suter has yet to make an official statement. Still, if Suter is actually going to Minnesota, the rest of the NHL free agency pieces could begin to fall into place. Zach Parise has said he welcomes the idea of playing with his friend and the Minnesota Wild are his hometown team. Their deep system and the possible addition of two superstars could make the Wild immediate contenders.

If Parise and Suter sign with the Wild, many teams will be left scrambling. The New Jersey Devils will be without their captain, and the Predators lose a top defenseman. The Philadelphia Flyers will have missed out on both of their biggest targets this offseason and the Pittsburgh Penguins will have fallen short on the Parise sweepstakes despite locking up Sidney Crosby to a near-lifetime deal. The Detroit Red Wings, full of prestige and consistency, will have lost out on the top free agent defenseman. Teams will scramble to fill holes as the rest of the top names have already signed.

Perhaps the report is untrue or misguided. Either way, if Ryan Suter goes to the Minnesota Wild, the NHL could be turned on it’s head in a few hours.

Mark Donatiello
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