What the Fuck, Marty? Brodeur, the NJ Devils, and Aging Gracefully

Martin Brodeur has hired an agent and is reportedly seeking up to six million dollars for what could be his final NHL contract. After all the New Jersey Devils have done for him, and all he means to the franchise, it begs the question – what the fuck, Marty?

Martin Brodeur is arguably the best goaltender in the history of the NHL. Marty has the most wins ever with 656, including the single-season record of 48. He has 113 playoff wins, three Stanley Cups, and a career GAA of 2.23 over an illustrious career that dates back to the 1991-92 season. Marty Brodeur’s 119 shutouts are another symbol of longevity and greatness that may never be broken. All of these amazing statistics, championships, and awards have come with one team – the New Jersey Devils. In the twilight of his career, why then would Brodeur hire an agent and ungraciously milk the Devils organization for a rumored six million dollars per year?

The Devils ran one of the most successful defensive systems in the NHL and became a symbol of consistency and success during Brodeur’s tenure. The organization produced winners, anchored by their goalie and defense. Hand in hand, the Devils and Brodeur built a hockey dynasty. They suffered through the devastation of 1994′s Game Seven loss to the Rangers and the Hurricanes over a decade later together. They also enjoyed the successes of three Stanley Cups and 13 consecutive playoff appearances. Together, Brodeur and the Devils were one of the most successful organizations since the 1990s.

Now, testing the market, Brodeur comes across as a man who lacks loyalty. If you know anything about his marriage history, that probably shouldn’t be all that surprising. Brodeur, realistically, is a top-2o goaltender in the NHL at this point in his career and depleting with each coming year. What kind of money could Brodeur be expecting from a financially-strapped organization as he holds on for a season or two longer? Brodeur is the face of the Devils franchise, but he’s also 41 years old this May. Rumors of Brodeur expecting an increase to his 5.2 million dollar salary despite his age and somewhat-depleted skill set are insulting and hopefully untrue. Still, if it wasn’t about the money, why would Martin Brodeur test free agency? What the fuck, Martin Brodeur?

The Devils as an organization don’t have time for this kind of nonsense from their increasingly senile goaltender. The Devils are actively seeking investors after financial missteps led to a bankrupted organization and arbitration conflicts with the city of Newark. In terms of their roster, Zach Parise is the captain of the Devils, the heart and soul of the team, and the biggest name on the free agency market in a couple days. New Jersey should be devoting all their resources to signing Parise before the rest of the league can get their hands on him. Brodeur, understanding this, should not be demanding more money and making contract talks difficult by hiring an agent.

Brodeur hiring an agent and testing the market is a disgrace in his old age, and hopefully he comes back to New Jersey, tail between his legs, for the amount of money he deserves – a middling contract, likely still overpriced, for a season or two before retirement. It’s scary to think Brodeur would end his career with another organization, and this is likely just a way to squeeze out a slightly bigger contract. Brodeur should simply fade into the sunset, clad in red and black.

Mark Donatiello
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