Carolina Hurricanes v Buffalo Sabres

Fan Banging Furiously on Glass Could Be the Difference in Hockey Playoffs

Mark Donatiello Mark Donatiello |
With the second round of a thrilling NHL Playoffs underway, Barry Melrose of ESPN reports that one fan banging furiously on the glass could determine who wins the Stanley Cup. ... more

NHL Cancels Winter Classic – Is Stanley Cup Next 2012 NHL Lockout Victim?

Mark Donatiello Mark Donatiello |
The NHL officially cancelled the Winter Classic Friday. As the 2012 NHL Lockout continues to cancel games and CBA negotiations falter, is the Stanley Cup the next hockey victim... more

NHL Lockout 2012 Cancels More Games: Now Players’ Fault, Not Owners

Mark Donatiello Mark Donatiello |
NHL Lockout 2012 has now canceled games through November 1st. After the recent round of proposals, the NHL lockout is now the fault of the players, not the owners. I recognize ... more

NHL Lockout 2012: What If There Were No Owners?

Mark Donatiello Mark Donatiello |
NHL Lockout 2012 is in full swing: Games are cancelled, fans are alienated and forgotten, and players are headed overseas — but what if there were no owners? The NHL locko... more

Sidney Crosby Expects an NHL Lockout: Players Speak Out

Mark Donatiello Mark Donatiello |
Sidney Crosby expects an NHL lockout, Joffrey Lupul warns NHL not to take fans for granted, Zach Parise says that Gary Bettman “loves his lockouts”. As NHL lockout ... more

NHL, NHLPA Swap CBA Proposals: 2012-13 Lockout Seems Inevitable

Mark Donatiello Mark Donatiello |
The NHL and the NHLPA swapped CBA proposals again on Wednesday in the shadow of Saturday’s league-imposed NHL lockout deadline. At this point, a 2012-13 NHL lockout seems ... more

NHL Lockout Looming: How I’ll Spend My Time Instead

Mark Donatiello Mark Donatiello |
An NHL lockout seems inevitable with Gary Bettman demanding a new CBA agreement be reached in a little over a month. If a lockout costs us the 2012-13 season, I’ll never ... more

Alexander Semin Finally Signs: One Year, Seven Million with Hurricanes

Mark Donatiello Mark Donatiello |
Alexander Semin free agency saga finally ends by signing with the Carolina Hurricanes for one-year, seven million. Alexander Semin rumors have swirled since his unceremonious ex... more

Shea Weber Stays with Preds; Nashville Matches Flyers Offer Sheet

Mark Donatiello Mark Donatiello |
Shea Weber will remain with the Nashville Predators as the Preds matched Weber’s offer sheet for 14 years, $110 million from the Philadelphia Flyers. Shea Weber was the so... more

Rick Nash Traded to New York Rangers for Anisimov, Dubinsky, Erixon, Pick

Mark Donatiello Mark Donatiello |
Rick Nash was traded to the New York Rangers for Artem Anisimov, Brandon Dubinsky, Tim Erixon, and a 1st round pick. The price on Nash fell and the Rangers got the best of the ... more

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