kochs7 Video: Why are the Koch Brothers So Focused on Vaginas? DSM-manual-5th-ed “Cra Cra” Now Official Diagnosis in New DSM (DSM-5)

Isaac: Why Some Stay When Storms Hit

Lary Wallace |
Question the motives of those who stay behind during severe storms, and you’re already on your way to looking like an oblivious plutocrat, even if your name’s not George W. Bush... ...read more

Diabetic Refugee from South Sudan Finds His Way to Israel

Jessica Apple |
Meet Samuel — and donate to a great cause. Guest Post by Dr. Mariela Glandt When Dr. Mariela Glandt, an endocrinologist, volunteered to treat African refugees in Tel Av... ...read more

The Only Running Shoe You Need (for Now): Nike Huarache

Lary Wallace |
Just as 2011 was rounding into 2012, I wrote a post for my personal blog opining that this would be just the right time for Nike to bring back their Huarache line of running sh... ...read more

An Apple is Not Okay

Deborah Gordon |
As I said in my last blog, simple rules don’t always translate to simple implementation. The straightforward principles of our Weight Loss Eating Plan are not difficult to... ...read more

Weight Loss Miracle of the Week

Deborah Gordon |
Every week in the health news, there is at least one story that strives to unravel the mysteries of weight loss. One week dark chocolate claims effectiveness in normalizing weig... ...read more

The Rude Awakening You Need

Lary Wallace |
The only dreams like this are the kind you want to wake up from anyway–that’s how you’ll know you’re not dreaming when the Sonic Bomb makes its alert. A... ...read more

What Apple Isn’t Telling Us About Its Workers

Apple’s Supplier Responsibility Report Doesn’t Reveal the Whole Story The morning after President Obama’s State of the Union speech that featured plans for r... ...read more

Diapep277: A Landmark Discovery in Diabetes Treatment

Jessica Apple |
My mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) when I was five-years-old. At the time, there were no effective treatments for the disease. My mother tried every med... ...read more

Why Your Morning Coffee Could Be the Product of Child Labor

Devastating Reports of Child Labor Around the Globe Bananas in Ecuador, Nicaragua, Belize, and the Philippines; broccoli in Guatemala; carpets in India, Nepal, and Pakistan; co... ...read more

Vaccine Halves the Risk of Malaria

Onome Akpogheneta |
Satisfied Anopheles mosquito after a blood feed. CDC The path to a viable malaria vaccine is a step closer with the publication of interim results of a vaccine trial conducted ... ...read more

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