Let’s Compromise

Noah Lederman |
On a recent trip to Washington D.C., I stopped by the National Archives where the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution are all housed in a d... ...read more

The Terror of Inherited Racism: Blaming Muslims for Norway

Noah Lederman |
Here are a few hypothetical terror questions that I’d like you to answer: If a hijacked plane crashes into a building, who do you believe were the hijackers? If a bomb explodes... ...read more

Still Too Turkey to Call it the Armenian Genocide

Noah Lederman |
This past weekend marked the 96th anniversary of the beginnings of the Armenian Genocide. On April 24th, 1915, Ottoman Turks commenced the annihilation of what historians estim... ...read more

Revolutions in Egypt, But Genocide in Darfur

Noah Lederman |
When 2011 began, it appeared to be an auspicious year for the Sudanese people. The South had overwhelmingly voted to secede, the expected violent aftershocks of the referendum ... ...read more

The Jared Loughner Blame Game

Noah Lederman |
In the days after the tragedy in Tucson that left six dead and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords fighting for her life, the editorials have been inundated with finger pointing fr... ...read more

New Airport Scanning Procedure Might Cause Testicular Cancer in Both Men and Women

Noah Lederman |
Last week, the Obama Administration decided to end the color-coded terrorist alert system because scientists, in a recent study, discovered that prolonged exposure to colors wi... ...read more

It’s Time for Gay Vigilantes to Kick Some Ass

Noah Lederman |
The new documentary, “Waiting for Superman,” has educators talking about school reform. But that should take a backseat to a school year already steeped in tragedy... ...read more

“In the Shadow of Freedom” Casts Light Upon the Africa We Ignore

Noah Lederman |
Genocide, mass atrocity, and human rights violations are all too common in Central Africa and its surrounding countries. It’s a region of the world that foreign nations t... ...read more

A Return to the Concentration Camps: Part II

Noah Lederman |
***Catch up with the story: Read Part I*** After leaving concentration camp Majdanek, with Matisyahu’s hopeful song playing on the iPod, one of our trip leaders surprised us w... ...read more

A Return to the Concentration Camps: Part I

Noah Lederman |
It was my second trip to Poland. It was my return to the concentration camps. But on this occasion, I was walking hallowed grounds with a survivor of four concentration camps an... ...read more

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