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If You Could Raise a Steve Jobs Would You Want To?

Karin Kasdin |
The sofa in the den has a Karin-shaped crater in it. I’ve spent so many hours lying there lost in the Steve Jobs biography that it may take me days to puff the cushion back into... more

A Penn State Student Speaks About “That Night”

Karin Kasdin |
I received many moving responses to my last post about Penn State. Most responders shared my disappointment with the students who turned out en masse to protest Joe Paterno̵... more

The Game’s the Thing. Really?

Karin Kasdin |
In my generation, college campuses were the loci of dissatisfaction with the status quo. College was where kids raised by even the most lackadaisical of parents learned how to c... more

The Scariest Thing about Halloween? The Crafts.

Karin Kasdin |
I am a Halloween Scrooge. “Bah! Humbug,” I say to myself every year on October 31st when gaggles of gussied up urchins come to the door to collect my contribution to their sug... more

My Roommate is Just Like Me. So Why do I Hate Her?

Karin Kasdin |
Two months after the start of freshman year, Anne Shapiro’s daughter, Beth, wants to switch roommates. Beth simply cannot spend two more seconds with the lying cheating sex man... more

The Slut Goes to College

Karin Kasdin |
Where was I when the word “slut” became a compliment? Probably head down in the sand off the coast of New Jersey, in the same position I was in when it became okay for thirtee... more

Can a Woman who Murdered her Daughters be Trusted with her Stepsons?

Karin Kasdin |
The following story was not taken from a sensationalistic tabloid or lifted from a daytime soap. Here are the facts. Trisha Conlon of Oregon was married to Marine fighter pilot ... more

Grammy Sings the Blues

Karin Kasdin |
I cried all the way home from Los Angeles. Leaving my newborn granddaughter after a weeklong visit was excruciating. This wasn’t what I had in mind when contemplating grandpare... more

On Becoming a Grandparent

Karin Kasdin |
Several friends have been swooning over their grandchildren for a few years now and I have indulged their need to froth at the mouth whenever the subject comes up, which is ofte... more

The Unsung Life of a Mother’s Car

Karin Kasdin |
I could serve blueberry pie off the floor of my Prius and anyone would be happy to eat it. This is not a pronouncement I could have made a year ago or a car ago, or for that ma... more

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