Green Economy

A Dear Landlord Letter on Health

Alec Appelbaum |
To the real estate owners of the world: Unless buildings empty out in a business crisis, building managers will soon use digital sensors to track how people use spaces. By the t... more

The Mystery of The Commons

Alec Appelbaum |
Like many thousands of educated Americans, I began 2012 by getting used to co-working. This means nothing about working collaboratively with teammates, which I still do much les... more

Rise of the “Planet B” of the Urbs

Alec Appelbaum |
A round of climate-treaty negotiations that ended last week in Durban seems a whirlwind away from the bleary discussions in city halls across America about which jobs and which ... more

Job Creators Who Like Flowers

Alec Appelbaum |
Yesterday, with no input from sniveling movie producers or rioting by football fans, America’s biggest city unveiled a wide flowery tree pit on the grotty edge of a chich... more

Green Designers Work Well With Others

Alec Appelbaum |
Thanks to the New York Times’ new architecture critic’s columns hoisting the flag for civic-minded urban design, folks have been asking me if design’s social m... more

The City’s Big Next Industry: The City

Alec Appelbaum |
(Disclosure: I have worked with or sought work from every entity in this column, and I’m friendly with most of the principals. So I must mean what I say.) With shirtsleeve... more

Schumpeter Springs A Leak

Alec Appelbaum |
The Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street and climate change, normally not forces likely to zig together, have creatively destroyed the theory of creative destruction. Joseph Schumpe... more

Something Even Cooler Than a Touchscreen

Alec Appelbaum |
Steve Jobs melded many American business ideals. As inventor, inspiration, lone wolf and comeback artist, Jobs became a one-body operating system. You could look at him many way... more

The Mermaid’s Leftovers Can’t Make Much More Than Fish Feed

Alec Appelbaum |
The flatscreen TV in my apartment complex’s gym told me this morning that Starbucks plans to drop collection boxes in select outlets soon, for coffee-grabbers who want t... more

What the New Yorker Forgot About the Future

Alec Appelbaum |
On the fair Manhattan morning of September 12, I got around to reading the twinned essays in this week’s New Yorker that consider whether America’s health must keep ... more

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