Ravens QB Flacco Wishes Autocorrect Would Stop Calling Him Flaccid

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Though his overall confidence has been boosted by a recent string of clutch playoff performances, Ravens QB Joe Flacco is still disturbed by the fact that the iPhone’s autocorrect keeps changing his name to Flaccid.


“After the Broncos game, I got hundreds of texts that were like, ‘Way to go, Flaccid!’ ” Flacco recalled with a sad laugh. “I mean, I just beat Peyton Manning in a shootout in Mile High…It’s not right.”


Though Flacco instantly received hundreds of additional texts apologizing for the Autocorrect mistake, “the damage was already done,” said Flacco.


When pressed for more details, Flacco mumbled something about “victory sex” and “this never happening before, not since the Steelers game,” and abruptly storming out of the media room.


When reached for comment about Flaccid Flacco’s autocorrect controversy, Patriots Coach Bill Belichick responded, “His name autocorrects to Flaccid? I’m gonna tell Wilfork to use that.”



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