Vince Young Might Not Be Jesus; But When Will He Get in the Game?

Vince Young Might Not Be Jesus; But When Will He Get in the Game?

Since the NFL went to a 12 team format in 1990, only three teams have started off 0-3 and made the playoffs. No team has ever gone from 0-3 to the Super Bowl.

The Tennessee Titans are 0-3.

They have been having trouble pressuring the quarterback since about half time of their week one loss in Pittsburgh.

Their secondary has become a primary problem. And for some reason, this franchise just can’t put together anything more than a serviceable receiving core.

Losses on the road to the defending champs and the suddenly significant Jets might not be a death knell. But the loss at home to the Texans is not the kind of thing that makes you think this team is ready to defy the odds.

Now that’s not to say the Titans should be written off completely. But they are certainly a much worse team without Albert Haynesworth. Even when the defense plays well for a half, they seem exhausted when it’s gut-check time.

Long story short: The playoffs are a long shot, and the Super Bowl is a pipe dream for this group.

So at what point do they hand the reins over to Vince Young? Granted, due to health reasons he was the third stringer last week, but he is in year four of a nearly $60 million five year contract. Bud Adams paid the man he essentially drafted to be a walking middle finger to the city of Houston about half of that amount up front in guaranteed cash money. And while that was probably fun before Vince’s play went south, I doubt ol’ Bud is happy to have already put down in excess of 40 million for a guy who is number three on the depth chart.

In a season where it seems very unlikely the Titans will achieve their championship goals, when does giving Vince a chance he did not necessarily earn become the right thing to do?

Unless they have given up on him already.

Intern Joe seems to think VY getting playing time is a foregone conclusion. I agree with his logic, but I am not as sure it will happen while the Titans are still mathematically in the hunt. I hope I am wrong. Giving Vince a chance to turn this team around would be a great story.

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